Data Projects


The Beowulf E&D team is involved with all facets of every project from day one. This early stage, hands-on approach allows us to tailor each aspect of the project’s design to best suit the owner’s goals. Below is a list of our current projects.

Lake Mariner Logo

Lake Mariner

Owner: TeraWulf Inc.

Location: Barker, New York

Located on a site adjacent to the recently decommissioned coal-fired Somerset Generating Station, TeraWulf Inc.’s Lake Mariner Facility has secured attractively priced power in Western New York, where 91% of market energy comes from zero-carbon resources. Once complete, Lake Mariner will reach over 500 MW of energy demand.

Nautilus Logo

Nautilus Cryptomine

Owner: TeraWulf Inc. & Talen Energy Corporation

Location: Berwick, Pennsylvania

The Nautilus Cryptomine facility is a joint venture between TeraWulf and Talen Energy, located adjacent to the latter’s 2.5 GW, nuclear-powered Susquehanna Steam Electric Station. The facility will receive zero-carbon nuclear energy directly from the Susquehanna Station and has access to up to 300 MW of mining capacity.

Big Horn Data Hub

Owner: Rocky Mountain Power

Location: Hardin, Montana

Big Horn Data Hub is located adjacent to and supplied power directly from the Hardin Generating Station in Hardin, Montana where it has been running its mining operations since October 2020.


Owner: Proprietary

Location: New York

WULF Labs is a facility dedicated to the testing of hardware, software, and protocols that support digital infrastructure. The facility hosts various Proof-of-Work consensus mechanisms and assists in the development of state-of-the-art ASIC mining techniques utilizing its direct access to zero-carbon hydropower generated by the Niagara River.

Energy Facilities

For over three decades, Beowulf E&D has built, managed, and operated energy infrastructure facilities that provide power to the electric grid and third-party offtakers. The Beowulf E&D team has managed over 5 GW of power generation capacity across 20 sites globally.